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Ne perfectionam continuu si diversificam gama de profile din aluminiu, accesorii si feronerii, pentru a fi permanent in pas cu noile tehnologii.

Without fail, if I ever go onto a scene and say, “I’ve fucking got it,” then it’s the worst thing in the world.[]MITCHELL: How important is it for you to really know the character and immerse yourself in the script before you start shooting, versus finding it as you’re going?If I’m going through the script and I feel like I’m starting to really discover that there’s something, I move off of it.I mean, I guess the smart thing would be to do both, but maybe it’s just laziness on my part.That’s another danger, to go, “Well, I’ve got to do something different .


Wie oft muss man noch darauf verweisen, dass die Wähler nicht dumm sind?